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Wireless Web
Wireless Web ObjectMaker Unlock Java Consulting Web Services


Architecture, Algorithm Licensing and Development, Software Implementation, and Expert Witness Services.

Technologies supported

Device Recognition:  Automatic detection, rules based characterization, and parameter specification for client browser and hardware capabilities
Content Transformation
Web/html:  Parsing, format identification, semantics identification, neutral format conversion
Xml:  Style sheet analysis, semantics identification, normalization
Doc/Pdf:  Conversion technologies
Graphics: Format conversions, license/patent considerations, device adaptation
iMode, cHTML, WAP, HDML: Automatic and programed generation
2 - 3G:  Architecture, code, generating, supporting, conversion.
Voice:  Automatic conversion from text web pages to voice
Rules-based adaptation:  Use of rules technology to adapt for soure, application, and end user requirements
Script technologies:  Techniques for Java and VB script implementation and simulation when not supported by client devices.
Location-based adaptation:  Use of location sensing to perform customized transformation and access to transformed source material

What we do

Define needs:  Identify client devices limitations, form factors, filtering requirements, browser capabilities, and requirements.

Form factor transformation:  Identify needed transformations to meet consumer form factor differences from original data.  Identify format changes, semantics recognition, filtering, and scripting interactions.

Semantics adaptation:  Use of rules, XML taxonomies, and other techniques to semantically identify presentation material (Text, Graphics).  Filtering.  Subset rendering.

Technology evolution:  Preparation for rapid change in devices, deployment networks, and data technology.

Architect product:  Provide for you, or work with your team to provide architecture and requirements engineering support.  Evaluate and support change proposals.

Implementation:  Provide software code development and debugging, assist your team in its own development, assist off-shore teams with technology insertion and monitoring, and ensure timely task finishing.  As far as you want, from helping in the background to implementing prototypes and technology transfer.

Intellectual Property Licensing:  Assist with identifying licensable components, patent generation and conflict resolution.


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