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Unlock Java
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Mark V Unlock Code Technology

 Feature-based license management for Java applications

Host specific (node locked) capabilities codes for product demonstration, evaluation, or licensing

Node based unlock ties to specific hardware box

 Site unlock coordinates through a server

Multiple levels of capability, including the ability to unlock named facilities (e.g., URLs, application features) dynamically.

 License levels (demo, evaluator, training, unlimited…)

Time periods (length of license validity)

 Customer specific attributes (e.g., Unisys GIF license)

Encryption of all data and code interface

Encryption technology can be varied uniquely for each Unlock Code Technology customer

 Encryption of the Java Classes which contain important Intellectual Property or trade secrets.

Online web-form-based unlock codes generation with support for independent distributors and public evaluation keys

 Source code is available for specific integration requirements.

Secures Java code

These functions are implemented in C so that they can be thoroughly protected from disassembly in Java.  Furthermore the Java code which interfaces to these functions is itself protected by storing in an encrypted library (an encrypting jar or zip like file).

There is no competing product which provides these capabilities except for FlexLM, which can be used as a license manager, but not for any of the other functions.

This product has been in use by Mark V and it’s customers since 1987.  It is also used in a number of stand alone products sold in Japan. 

The product is protected by copyright and trade secret.  We have not disclosed the concepts in a public patent filing, protecting our clients from well educated hackers.


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Last modified: February 17, 2002