Herman Fischer, 16400 Ventura Blvd, Suite 300, Encino CA 91436,  tel: +1 (818) 995 7671

Education and Special Training

University of California, Los Angeles, BS, Physics, 1968
University of California, Los Angeles, MS, Systems Engineering, 1971
University of California, Los Angeles, coursework completed, Operations Research PhD program, 1973
United States Air Force, Air Ground Operations School, Battle Staff Course, 1981.
Boy Scouts of America, Scoutmaster Fundamentals, 1994; Woodbadge ("Antelope"), 1996.


Electronic Industries Association, 1983 Distinguished Contribution Award.
Association for Computing Machinery, 1983, Recognition of Service Award;
     1988 - 1989, Distinguished lecturer on Software Development Environments;
     1990, Distinguished lecturer on Environments and Object-Oriented Tool Integration.
Office of the Secretary of Defense, 1988, Recognition for contributions to KITIA and CAIS-A
XBRL International, 2012: Recognition for contributions to XBRL international working groups
ACM, 2012: Commendation, Best Reviews of 2012 for Computing Reviews
XBRL-EU, 2013: Eurofiling Award for support to Eurofiling and contributions to XBRL Open Source
XBRL International, 2014: Exceptional Contributions and Leadership in XBRL Specification Development

Experience (55 years)

Modeling, Business & Technical Processes, Simulation Model Implementations & Metadata Schemata





UCLA Hospital Admissions ERA-event Model, Simscript simulation


IBM HASP computer center "


IBM 360 multiprocessor computer center "


Hunt-Wesson Foods cooking oil plant "


Scientific Data Systems multi-computer system GPSS model


PRC Corporate IT operations ER metadata model


Army Tacfire System ER-event model, CSS simulation implementation


USAF Air Operations Center (several systems) ER-event model, CSS simulation implementation


USAF Fighter Aircraft Sortie Assignment APL model


DoD Stars Program, Industrial Activities Process model


DoD Ada Language Introduction to Industry LP model, cost benefit study


ObjectMaker multi-methodology repository ERA metadata, predicate logic rules implementation


ObjectMaker OPEN & UML unified semantics Class metadata, predicate logic rules implementation


Advanced Deep Space Transport performance model modeling domains: systems, physics, & software


MobileWebSurf transformation server performance ERA-event, Java Silk simulation


UBmatrix XBRL Taxonomy Designer and formula processor ERA metadata, C# .NET implementation


XBRL extensions modules, abstract model UML, standard specifications


Arelle open source XBRL platform UML, Python implementation


Abstract Model XBRL Databases Arelle, Graph, RDF, and SQL databases

Programming, Databases, Operating Systems


Coding Language





Operating System

65-70 Fortran high   Simscript PDQ (co-author)   MVS, IBM DOS
66-70 PL/1 expert   Vulcan, dBase II   PC DOS
65-70 Simscript expert   Cullinane (design tool)   Windows 9x
70-80 CSS, GPSS high   PCTE   Windows NT, XP
72-74 Cobol, RPG IV med   Oracle (OCI - expert)   Unix (kernel expert)
79-82 APL med   Faircom Ctree (expert)   Embedded real time kernels
81-85 Prolog high   Urep    
84- C, C++, C# expert - C   Misc: ODBC drivers, SQL parser, XML    
96- Java 2, Javascript expert   Titan, Gremlin    
01- XPath, XQuery expert        
11- Python 3 expert        
11- Groovy high        

Industry Group Leadership

77-87 EIA Computer Resources G33 (vice chair)
83-84 CODSIA Task Group 13-83 Defense Systems Interoperability and Transportability
79-96 ACM AdaTech, SIGAda (officer 80-85), Annual Conf. Prog Comm., ICSE Prog .Comm. (95-97)
81-88 DoD KITIA (Tool Interoperability Standard) (chair)
90-92 NIST Software Frameworks (workshops, panels)
91-93 NIST North American PCTE Initiative (chair)
88-02 PCTE Association (DoD rep, industry Mbr)
93-96 OMG Application Development working group (chair)
94 PCTE Annual Conference (chair)
94-96 Workflow Management Coalition (DoD rep)
02- XBRL.org (member of Standards Board 09-14, Chair of Formula, Open Information Model and Rendering working groups, Vice Chair of XBRL Base Spec working group, developer of conference tutorials), 20th - 26th International Conferences Technical Track co-chair, author of several specifications (Calculations 2, abstract model, formula, OIM, rendering, versioning modules), author of test suites.

Other Major Software Implementations (sole architect or sole implementer)

66-68 PL/S, a PL/1 based, Simula-inspired simulation language
69-70 Simscript PDQ, an E-R based IT database management and report generation system
71 Inventory management for Electronic Parts Distributor
72-77 Business packages: Law office actg; CPA actg; Wine Inventory
74-76 Comm. protocol drivers & interface (IBM Bisync, CDC & Univac sync. protocols)
83-84 Prolog interpreter for PCs (UNSW based)
83-86 Kermit (PC, Unix implementations)
88-99 ObjectMaker drawing tool (Windows, Unix)
91-99 ObjectMaker methodology metadata & rules implementations
92-93 ObjectMaker Predicate Logic Extension Language Interpreter & Compiler
99-00 MobileWebSurf automatic real-time web to wireless WAP conversion & server
00 Vixel Inc., Network health status auto-layout graphical user interface
02 UBmatrix Taxonomy Designer, XBRL Instance document editor, and formula processor
07 Online graph analysis of XBRL taxonomies, instances, dimensions, formulas, & formula editing
08 XBRL Multi-instance Web-based Viewer
11 Arelle open source XBRL platform, including formula and Sphinx processors and database

Hardware Implementations

74 Minicomputer synchronous network card (Bisync)
79 Military handheld terminal mainframe network interface


November 30, 2017
Methods and Computing Device for Generating Markup Language to Represent a Calculation Relationship Calcs for XBRL instances
June 30, 2005
Method for assisting in automated conversion of data and associated metadata Automatic XBRL input mapping
July 25, 2002
Mapping and caching of uniform resource locators for surrogate Web server Transformation link surrogate URLs
July 25, 2002
Transformation and processing of Web form documents and data for small footprint devices Web content transformation
February 7, 2002
Adaptive profile-based mobile document integration Semantic/heuristic web content analysis

Activity Highlights

Mark V Systems Limited, (1985 - present).

Developer and Maintainer of Arelle® open source XBRL platform.

Chair of XBRL OIM, Formula and Rendering working groups Member of XBRL Standards Board 2009-2014. Vice chair of XBRL Base Spec working group. Participant in XBRL-Version, -Rendering, and .GL working groups. Author of XBRL table linkbase specifications, XBRL-Versioning instance aspects and relationship sets modules and formula extension module specifications. Co-author of XBRL-Rendering requirements. Primary author of test suite for formula and table linkbase, of initial version of test suite for dimensions, and contributor to test suite for versioning. Volunteer supporting standards effort in conversion and analysis of taxonomies and formulas.

Conference co-chair of the Technical Track for 20th - 26th XBRL International Conferences.

Volunteer to support XBRL efforts. Support to US SEC Edgar project. Developer of online graph-based analysis tools for taxonomies, instances, dimensions, formulas, and formula editing. Support to XBRL-US development of 2007 US-GAAP taxonomy, including utilities to extract extended links from larger taxonomies. Support to Eurofiling COREP/FINREP for formula use. Support to US and Europe standards efforts with specification, prototyping of software, and committee work.

Training tutorials of XBRL formula usage and formula processor implementation. Provided tutorials to XBRL Munich 2007 conference and XBRL Vancouver 2007 conference.

Contractor to Bank of Spain. Developer of XBRL formula conformance suite, formula functions conformance suite, generic link conformance suite, and support to standardization process.

Contractor to XBRL International. Developer of standard functions conformance suite, and support to the standardization process.

Contractor to NTT Data, Japan. Developer of XBRL Gateway, a multi-instance document comparisons web rendering viewer with instance data graph chart viewer. For NTT Data, Washington DC, integrator of Arelle into EDGAR receipt processing.

Contractor to XBRL-US, SEC Project. Developer of a utility for automatic transformation of XBRL tuples into XBRL dimensions.

Developer of the ObjectMaker™ toolset, which generates Ada and C++ code from graphical design diagrams, which automates the transition from the design process to code development. Developer of the ObjectMaker and ProcessMaker graphical design editors, which use a rule-based paradigm to support multiple methodological views of design graphics using shared semantics in external repositories. Developer of tool’s internal repository, and interfaces to external repositories. The reverse engineering capabilities of the tool generate graphics diagrams from Ada and C++ source code. The ProcessMaker editor defines processes in a large number of rule-specified notations, and provides automatic process diagram generation from external sources.

Developer of Javascript and Java based client side shopping cart. Numerous miscellaneous Javascript and Java 2 Web support applications.

Participant to the Advanced Deep Space Transport (ADST) Guidance, Navigation, and Control performance simulation (volunteer) effort.

Developer of microcomputer operating environments and GUI interfaces for embedded devices (most recently, Fishman Corp. PD9000 dispenser).

Developer of customized ODBC drivers and SQL parsers.

Developer of a Unlock Code software security system, including reverse engineering protection.

Chairman of the Object Management Group (OMG) Application Development (AppDev) Working Group of the Common Facilities Task Force (1993 - 1996), responsible for development of repository and process standards. Participant to the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) (1994 - 1996) responsible for data interface to workflow applications. Chairman of the OMG PCTE SIG, which started as the North American PCTE Initiative, NAPI, founded by OMG, NIST, and DoD to evolve the PCTE Standard for North American and now worldwide Object Orientation, OMG CORBA compatibility, and fine granularity requirements. Sponsorship for these activities provided by National Institute for Standards Technology (NIST).

Chairman of the PCTE 1994 conference, San Francisco, California. Program Committee Member, PCTE 1996, PCTE 1993, ICSE 1996, and Software Engineering 1992.

Consultant to California Microwave, Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group, and others for interfacing ObjectMaker toolset to company unique requirements.

Consultant to SEMATECH, the U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturer’s Consortium; responsible for specification of an Advanced Development Environment framework and integration mechanism, and planning for its development and demonstration.

Invited participant to the January 1991 NIST Software Frameworks Convergence Workshop, which produced recommendations to the U.S. Government on use of ATIS and PCTE+ standards.

Participant in development of the NIST Frameworks Reference Model, also known as the "toaster model", responsible for reference model sections dealing with object orientation and integration technologies.

Invited member of the PCIS team, an international group of experts chartered with setting framework standards for the 1993-1995 time frame. Chairperson of the PCIS Tool Builders Working Group. Responsible for development of object oriented requirements for PCIS.

Contractor to the IBM STARS program; responsible for framework and environment consulting.

Contractor to the Boeing STARS program; responsible for analysis of tool interoperability between object oriented environmental frameworks: ATIS/IRDS, Atherton, EIS, GAIA, CAIS-A, and PCTE+.

Contractor to Institute for Defense Analysis, aiding in its support of the Ada Joint Project Office and other government agencies. Activities include support of the Ada Board activities, including membership on Environment Committee; support of Ada environment efforts related to KIT/KITIA and the SEE team; analysis and support of software engineering policy and programs; support of next-generation systems and hardware, policy and architecture; and ancillary liaison support to industry and trade associations.

Panel chair at many conferences and workshops. Session leader at the 1988 IEEE/ACM Software Engineering Environments Future APSE Workshop, and at the 1990 ACM Symposium on Environments and Tools for Ada.

Participant in the Electronic Industry Association's Electronic Design Interchange Format for CASE, EDIF/CASE, Technical Committee, which is developing a standard CASE tool interchange format. The EDIF/CASE Technical Committee includes representatives from all of the major CASE vendors.

Chairman, 1983 - 1988, of the Kernel Ada Programming Support Environment (KAPSE) Interface Team for Industry and Academia (KITIA). KITIA was an international team which was responsible for definition of interface requirements and standards for Ada environments. They produced the Common APSE Interface Set (CAIS-A), now being considered by the PCIS team.

Contractor to European Economic Community ESPRIT Program responsible for requirements analysis, conceptual design, and interface design of the Ada interfaces for PCTE. Consulted to PCTE Management Board on approaches to introduction of PCTE to Academic and Aerospace community.

Reviewer, 1985-1986, of PCTE plans and implementation strategy for Ada, under contract to Bull, at that time, the prime contractor for PCTE.

1995-1999: Company Web-master, and network consultant (CISCO, WAN setup, FrontPage 2000).

UBmatrix Inc: Employed 2002 - 4/2007 full time, 20+ hrs/wk 4/2007 - 12/2010 until its 2010 merger with Edgar Online

Chief Software Architect of UBmatrix, Inc.

Developer of SEC Edgar XBRL validation formulas, and integrator of XPE with Edgar's server environment.

Designer and currently sole implementer of a C# -based application for instance document editing and taxonomy building for XBRL (UBmatrix Taxonomy Designer). Currently integrating XPE and formula editing/debugging.

Sole architect and implementer of formula computational facility with language processor for XBRL. Compiler/execution logic for embedded Excel-inspired and XPath 2 based languages, and function library implementation for XBRL computation. (Also known as the FDIC formula processor.)

Sole architect and implementer of dimensional taxonomy feature for XBRL and dimensional formula execution in embedded languages.

Java-based import-mapping (Excel to XBRL) web service, using UBmatrix XBRL Processing Engine.

Architect of NEC/SMBC on line XBRL transaction processing server. Implementer of prototype solution XBRL applications.

Completed implementation of XBRL Taxonomy Builder (Visual Basic) from earlier teams.

Extensive experience with XBRL modeling concepts and implementation. Customized Microsoft C# property descriptors, property grid controls, and .NET design facilities.


Chief Scientist (1999 - 2002).  Designer and initially the sole implementer of a Java -based suite of software which automatically transforms ordinary web pages (html, JavaScript, images) into the formats required for wireless mobile devices (WAP, HDML, Palm, Win/CE,  iMode, & Win/TV).  Text and graphics conversions occur in real time, including Javascript. 

Implementer of the servlet-based transformation server, implemented semantics-based recognition of html and Javascript content, transformation to HDML, WML, iMode, and compact HTML formats. 

Developed graphics format conversions (utilizing standard web formats to raster, and raster to monochrome, duotone, resized, and reduced color displays for wireless formats).  Developed image optimization (removal of borders), quality adjustment, pan and zoom.

Developed rule-based JavaScript semantics content recognition and action replacement capability.

Integrated a JavaScript interpreter, emulating JavaScript client browser behavior by the transformation server.  JavaScript 5.0 support provided for HTML page loading, setup, and events processing.

Implementation high-speed C functions callable from Java, for graphics, and for integration of Mark V Unlock code server to track licensing criteria, GIF license activation, and protect of Java code from reverse engineering.

Developed wavelet-based graphical image analysis (graphical parsing) to determine image area content (e.g., toolbars, buttons) with lettering and separate from image areas with iconic and decorative graphics.

Developed Apache-based processing approach to distribute Java functions into multiple fail-safe redundant processors, and into a higher performance C implementation.

Developed a fail-safe load balancer approach using Apache-based distributed processing.

Patents applied for and pending:


“Adaptive Profile-Based Mobile Document Integration” Intelligent transformation

“Mapping and Caching of Uniform Resource Locators...”

Handling of links
“Transformation and Processing of Web Form Documents...” Handling of HTML forms
“Processing of Scripts in accordance with Intelligent Transformation...” JavaScript handling
“Processing of Color Images for Transmission to Small Footprint Devices” Color processing
“Intelligent Detection of Web-Capable Devices” Device identification/detection

Network technologies experience, including implementation of device rules, network protocols, and local or remote online testing of automatic transformation:

Network Technology

Mark-up Protocols


Example networks

US – CPDP HDML, Phone.com style WML 1 BMP ATT, Mexico Telcel
US – CDMA HDML, Openwave style WML 2 BMP Sprint, Cingular
Europe, India – GSM Nokia style WML 1 WBMP Fr. Telecom, Italy, Hutchinson
Japan – iMode cHTML with extensions GIF NTT DoCoMo
Japan – J-Phone MML, simplified HTML PNG J-Sky
Japan – KDDI HDML, with Color PNG KDDI
Metrocom HTML subset GIF Palm pilot VII
CPDP, Ricochet, Novotel, Omnisky HTML with JavaScript 3.0 PNG Windows CE, various modems
Cable TV HTML subset JPG Web TV

Developed event-based simulation model of transformation server performance using Java Silk simulation language.

Developed presentations of initial technical plan, of software development plan, customer training, and product documentation.

Reviewed of WAP Forum standards and proposed activities, W3C standards (XHTML, SMIL), and XML standards.

Tom Sawyer Software:

Consultant to company customers to set up and use Graphics Editor Toolkit functionality in custom graphics based automatic layout user interfaces.  For Accessible Software Inc, provided initial training and startup for network management user interface software.  For Vixel, Inc., provided design, implementation, and integration for a network health status graphic user interface with automatic layout.

Litton Industries, Data Systems Division: Employed 1970 - 1985, primarily developing proposals for Air Force and Army new business.

Computer Processes, Inc: Employed 1968-1970. Developed computer simulation software.

IBM Corp: Employed 1965 - 1868. Developed simulation models and a simulation language.

Electronic Industries Association: Volunteer 1977 . 1989.

Chairman of 20th Anniversary Workshop, "In Transition to Integrated Environments", Seattle, Washington, 1986, sponsored by the G-33 and G-34 committees. Member G34 Computer Resources Task Group. Vice-chairman of 1985 annual EIA Workshop, in charge of Software Engineering and Software Quality workshop programs.

Served as an active participant in defense industry software community efforts since 1977, including providing reviews and responses to Ada Environment issues, where appropriate, and assisting in community-wide software efforts.

Provided a public-domain Unix Ada Grammar, for the ARPAnet, and was a major contributor to the MSDOS and Unix "Kermit Projects".

Delegate to the Council of Space and Defense Industries Associations

(CODSIA) Task Group 13-83, on achieving Defense Systems Interoperability and Transportability.

Executive officer of Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) SIGAda and its predecessor, Technical Committee on Ada (AdaTEC), 1980-1985.

Technical Program committee member of the National ACM ‘83 and ACM ‘84 conferences, and the PCTE ‘93 conference.


Evolution and Future Trends for XBRL Development - Paper presented at 6th University of Kansas Conference on XBRL, April 25-27 2013, Lawrence, Kansas.

Enabling Comparability and Data Mining with the Arelle Open Source Unified Model - Paper presented at First Conference on Financial Reporting in the 21st Century: Standards, Technology, and Tools in Macerata, Italy, 2011-09-09

Open Source & XBRL: the Arelle Project - Paper presented at Kansas University XBRL Conference, April 29-30 2011, Overland Park, Kansas

Numerous published papers including the following subjects: XBRL standards, working group notes, white papers Ada Programming Support Environments, Ada environment standardization, Software Development Methodologies for Ada, Military standards reviews, Computer Literacy Program Approaches, Analyses of Computer Literacy Programs, Artificial Intelligence Tehcniques in Tactical Control Systems, Simulation of Computer Systems, and Optimal Control Systems

Community Service

West Valley Food Pantry 2020- Chairperson, 2013-, Board Member. 2015-2020 Vice Chair and acting Treasurer. Pantry provides meals and some health services for members in need, from a coalition of 12 multi-denominational congregations and non-sectarian organizations. Currently serves over 14,000 people a year at two sites. During Covid-19 serving 12,000 per month.

Temple Kol Tikvah: 2001-2006: Board of Directors, VP Social Action 2001-2006, VP Religious Practices 2003-2006.  Participant in CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice), Valley Interfaith Council, and JWW (Darfur action advocacy). Lay instructor of Torah study class. 1989-2004 Committee chair of Shabbat Across America; 1995-2003 Temple's computer mavin.

UAHC (now named URJ) Pacific Southwest Region:  1999: volunteering computer and Web administration services.

Temple Solael: 1995-1998: Board of Directors, 1995-1997Recording Secretary. 1998: Nominating committee chair. Previously, leader on task force to define temple mission statement and communities served. Delegate to UAHC. Youth arrangements: weekend retreats for 1994 and 1995. Administration of memorial camp scholarship fund in son’s name.

Venture Crew 464 (2000-2001), and Boy Scout Troop 464 (through 2000): Committee member.  Assistant scoutmaster. Arrangements and participation in numerous outings.  Woodbadge participant.  District commission member.

Boy Scouts, Las Collinas District: (1994-1995 and 2007-2011): District unit commissioner.