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Price list for Direct Sales from Mark V Systems (effective Jan. 15, 1999)

Product description Platform Tech
Win Unix
(a) Basic per-seat license fee for WWW downloads:
ObjectMaker (OM) Single User with one method $995 $995 $50/incident $350 $450
Additional OM methods (per additional method) 295 295 $50/incident 125 195
Full package of OM methods (additional fee) 795 795 $50/incident 350 450
Multi-seat discounts for above: 6-20 10%, 21-50 14%, 51-100 17%, 101-200 20%, >200 25%
Multi-user shared OM repository (8 users max) 1,145 1,895 $125/incident win 450
unix 650
win 650
unix 850
Multi-user shared OM repository (16 users max) 1,945 2,795 $125/incident win 750
unix 1,150
win 950
unix 1,350
Accredited University or College classroom teaching use: $50 per student per year, aggregated minimum is the single seat price
(b) Media distribution (when you need physical shipment vs. WWW download):
Additional fee per computer media shipment 200 200
Additional fee for printed document copy 50
(c) Training for ObjectMaker Users
1-day Introduction to ObjectMaker 1,500
3-day How to Use ObjectMaker with selected method 6,000
5-day, in-depth method training cost 14,000
Installation and setup of multi-user repository 3,000
Materials: $15/student (1-day course), $30 (3-day), $50 (5-day). Travel not included. Courses accommodate up to 20 people (Small Group Pricing available for method courses).
(d) Tool Developer's Kit (TDK):
In addition to OM license, single user + full pkg methods, above 1,000 1,000 $150/hr.*
1,000 2,000
TDK Training fee (3 days, up to 4 people) 8,000 8,000 n.a. 2,500 n.a.
(e) Other:
Adagen (Mark V's Ada Generation & Reverse), OM not included 4,000 4,000 $50/incident 500 600
ASIS-based Ada reverse (for GNAT 3.09) (incl. OM sgl. user) 1,995 1,995 $50/incident 850 950
ASIS-based Ada reverse (for Rational APEX) (incl. OM sgl. user) n.a. 5,995 $225/hr. n.a. 2,995
Visual C++ -based C reverse (incl. OM sgl. user with one method) 1,995 1,995 $50/incident 850 950

* $150/hr if training or training update purchased within past year., or $225/hr otherwise
Annual maintenance includes yearly upgrades and four incidents per year

Trial use:

WWW downloads can be used for time- and size- limited drawing of single methods by obtaining an unlock code over the WWW.

Full trial use is possible by purchase under a 30-day money back guarantee, less 10% handling fee. Return requires a special code to be entered to each machine unlocked, producing a cancel code to provide back to seller.

License agreement:

is displayed by installation program, or can be had from Mark V. Agreement can be by pressing button when installing, by E-mail message, or by printing the agreement, signing, and sending back (if required by your corporation). Changes to license agreement may require prepayment of applicable fee.


Copyright © 2002 Mark V
Last modified: November 04, 1999