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Key Benefits

We produce a meta tool, the ObjectMakerŽ TDK™
We produce 30+ end user tools, e.g. OPEN OML, UML, Colbert, and legacy methods for software engineering and 15+ end user tools for process and workflow
Third parties deliver tools which are extensions or integrated add-ons to ObjectMaker
Tool extensions reuse ObjectMaker functionality, so the third party concerns themself almost entirely with the value they add, making for low cost and very efficient tool delivery
Mark V provides runtime engines that offer tool services and support for industry standards as well as promising technology and techniques in a way third parties can use their expertise and domain knowledge to produce creative solutions

ObjectMaker Product Family

With the ObjectMaker CASE Tool you can model your application requirements and design in one or more of the most popular notations. ObjectMaker supports more than 30 analysis and design notations for software engineering and allows you to mix and match notations to build a single model of your software application. You can choose the notations and the depth of detail your application requires. ObjectMaker also offers support for detailed design, code generation and document generation for construction, delivery and maintenance phases. Reverse Engineering tools offer you the opportunity to re-engineer applications, reuse legacy code and incorporate commercially available components into your model for design, construction and maintenance.
ObjectMaker TDK™
The ObjectMaker Tool Development Kit (TDK) offers developers, integrators, OEMs, consultants, and methodologists the opportunity to customize methods, notations, syntax rules, syntax checking, semantic specification and repository capture of all semantics, and other information and relationships important to your process and problem space. The TDK provides direct access to the rules (predicate logic) that create, control, and pre- and post-condition all tool behavior, and manage all repository navigation and iteration. The TDK offers you the possibility of growing your tool and method support as your organization and process grows and matures. This is more than just being able to use the next method that comes along, more than mixing and matching notations to create the multiple views necessary for today's problems. It means you can add to the notation you select, add to the semantics, add to the checking, add to the code generation, and more as you gain experience and understand that what you need is beyond what the published methods offer. Published methods, especially the object oriented methods, are good starting points. Your process will mature past the published methods. You will need to recognize and capture the information and relationships important for your problem space. The ObjectMaker TDK provides tailorable support which enables you to develop and extend your own methods. The TDK gives you the opportunity to use and reuse your repository contents, your application models, your component libraries by giving you the facilities for data and control integration with other life cycle tools.

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