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Resume - Fischer

Software Consulting Expertise

Software architecture, very fast code development, debugging and reuse, product licensing, expert witness, and training services for:

Wireless Web Technology

Device recognition and text/graphics reformating

Transformation Technology

Format and semantics extraction

Rules based re-composition

Device-constrained presentation technology

Text, graphics, and voice generation

Graphical Automatic Layout (Tom Sawyer technology)

Simulation (Software Discrete Event Modeling)

Design Methods and Standards

Reverse Engineering (design from software code)

Expert witness consultation

Government Software Relations

Web Services

Reference Accounts

Something we can do that others shun from: we reverse engineer existing programs to identify their structure and design for code modification, design understanding, and expert witness services.

California Microwave, Inc
Customized reverse engineering diagram generation from Ada '83 code, to determine objects and associations and generate UML notation.
Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group
Updating and conversion of an in-house object oriented notation and code generator to current ObjectMaker TDK.
Development of automated transformation from desktop to wireless web.  Automated device recognition and data/graphics  re-formating.  Redirector technology for wireless web servers.
Fishman Corporation
Embedded microcontroller programming and GUI development for a digital syringe dispenser.
Tom Sawyer Inc.
Development of customized graphics and interfaces for Tom Sawyer Graph Layout Toolkit Integration
TRW Inc.
Customized CASE methodology for system requirements engineering.
Wireless web technology for tactical systems infrastructure.
Institute for Defense Analysis
Chaired PCTE '94 conference; chaired OMG activities; consulted on government standards; chaired a US Industry Standards Group for Software Tools Integration

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Wireless Web or Transformation Technology
Graphical Automated Layout
Simulation and Modeling
Software Methods and Tools
Software Reverse Engineering
Expert Witness Consulting
Web Development




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